About usDiscover our story and our values.

We are dedicated to servers and hosting, backend and frontend development, graphics and marketing. We offer everything you need to be seen in today's digital world. We implement individual projects using our own advanced technologies.

Since 2018, we have been emphasizing our own development and unique solutions. Every project is unique, therefore it deserves a unique approach. From the design, through the actual implementation process to marketing and subsequent evolution. For these reasons, we devoted the appropriate time to the development of our own technologies. Technology that will differentiate you from the competition and move you ahead.

We are constantly improving our technologies. For example, the WEBCORE core, thanks to which we create modern, multilingual and sophisticated websites. For example, we created this website on it. Then the system. This modern, unique system will make it easier for you to create, manage and operate an e-shop. It will also bring many superior benefits. Last but not least, we develop our own solution for the operation of corporate B2B portals.


See the key moments of WEBCLEVER s.r.o.


  • The emergence of a web editor


  • Establishment of WEBCLEVER s.r.o.
  • First logo
  • First website


  • First e-shop


  • changes to an e-shop system
  • First B2B
  • First catalogs and printed matter
  • The emergence of the web core


  • We focus on improving the quality of our services
  • We work on a larger number of projects


Our vision

Our goal is to do ordinary things extraordinarily well and to push the boundaries of ordinary standards in the world of websites, applications and e-shops. We like challenges and that is why we are constantly improving our technologies and individual projects of our clients. Our key technology is the e-shop system Here, we emphasize above all easy and efficient management of the e-shop, modern design and automation. In the long term, we improve this system based on the suggestions of our clients and partners.

For the company WEBCLEVER s.r.o. Adam Peter