Our technologiesLearn more about the technologies that move our clients forward. is a modern e-shop solution. Our solution stands out for easy management of the entire e-shop, simplicity and high operating speed. It is not just an editorial system for managing an e-shop. With you are able to create your own e-shop in no time. And that is based on existing templates that you can edit and change within the capabilities of the Evie system. Last but not least, you do not have to deal with the hosting and operation of the e-shop.

We can also create a unique e-shop for you. Our solution enables the implementation of various functions and an unlimited number of e-shop modifications. In short, we are able to create an e-shop for you according to your ideas. Each e-shop is automatically supplemented with new functions and is guaranteed by long-term support and easy updating of content and appearance.

This is a completely new solution for your e-shop. Find out more at or contact us.



Our own web core. WEBCORE is an advanced web development and operation solution different from WordPress and other web solutions. Among other things, our websites have high speed, multilingualism, the possibility of precise tailor-made design and support for multiple domains.

WEBCORE serves for the implementation of websites, blogs and modern web applications that emphasize quality processing. We deal with all the relevant details in depth. From modern design with support for different types of devices, through quality content and source code, to hosting and domain settings.

Our unique solution guarantees fast operation, long-term support and the unlimited possibility of evolution of your website or web application. You also don't have to worry about anything, we will solve all the requirements in connection with the development, setting, operation and editing of the content for you.


Technology for the operation of B2B company portals is a demanding chapter with which we will be happy to help you. Our corporate B2B portal solution can be completely customized to your requirements in terms of design, content and functionality. B2B solutions can be connected to various applications and systems and easily manage customers, their prices, product range and orders.

It is an advanced technology that is the answer for your B2B. The solution is designed to be maximally compatible with third-party applications and to be able to connect B2B with, for example, your company software.